Dr Oz – taking Pyruvate up to 12% loss of body fat and body mass

Pyruvate works by shrinking the fat cells thereby stopping unwanted fat from forming by taking Calcium Pyruvate it has the effect of bathing fat cells in pyruvate which leads to the fat cells actually shrinking.

Calcium Pyruvate is found in some foods but not in the quantity for the desired effect.

Harvard Doctor Eva Selhub indicated that the effect can be major with people who were taking Pyruvate but not exercising losing as much as 12% of body mass and 12% of body fat. That is both 12% body fat and 12% body mass —

The recommendation is to take:

For 2 months at a time – 6 grams a day — Remember 1 gram = 1000 mg

Other Potent Fat Burners also recommended by Dr Oz

Capsicum Extract with Cayenne can increase the amount of fat you burn when you work by as much forty-two percent.

It also can dramatically increase how much fat you burn without excercising.

Look for Cayenne as the source for Capsicum and you are recommended to take approximately 200 mg per day.

Conjugated Lineloic Acid or CLA

Take 1 gram 3 times a day before meals for a total of 3 Grams on a single day.

The preferred choice for the make up the CLA in the supplement is Safflower as it is a higer grade of CLA

Diabetics are recommended to speak with their doctors since there are questions on how Conjugated Lineloic Acid impacts the insulin resistance in the human body.